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WEDNESDAY ~ 11.00am - 9.00pm

THURSDAY~ 11.00am - 9.00pm
FRIDAY~ 11.00am - 9.00pm
SATURDAY~ 11.00am - 5.00pm
SUNDAY~ 11.00am - 5.00pm

All products get made in house including this focaccia
All products get made in house including this focaccia

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Home made meats are always on the menu at Port Cygnet Cannery.
Home made meats are always on the menu at Port Cygnet Cannery.

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Two lunch dish examples with fresh produce grown and prepared by the Port Cygnet Cannery.
Two lunch dish examples with fresh produce grown and prepared by the Port Cygnet Cannery.

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All products get made in house including this focaccia
All products get made in house including this focaccia

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Wednesday - Sunday


Saturday + Sunday bookings essential 

$95 per adult, $45 per child

Also serving small plates from our casual menu. 

GF and veg options available. Vegans are recommended to book in for the small plates casual menu. Advise of dietary requirements prior to arrival so our kitchen can cater for you. 

Person eating a farm fresh meal at the Port Cygnet Cannery.


Changes weekly as we use seasonal ingredients straight from our farm. 


Pickled and Fresh Vegetables, Cashew Cream

Gardners Bay Beef Skewers, Feijoa Hot Sauce

Carrot Kimchi, Barley Cracker, Sesame Mayo


Rick’s Sourdough, Burnt Rosemary Butter

Whipped Goats Curd, Fermented Artichoke, Chervil

Coppa Di Testa , Quince Mustard, Farm Leaves


Cotechino Sausage, Burnt Parsnip Cream, Freekah, Pickled Mustard Seeds

Gardners Bay Pork Chop, Pepperberry Sauce


Condensed Milk Ice Cream, Brown Butter Sable, Espresso Syrup

Thyme Macaroon, Verbena Cream

Apple Caramel


Wednesday - Friday

Dine in or take away 

Prices vary 

Delicious hand-crafted wood fired pizza, topped with seasonal produce and cooked in our beautiful Italian oven Dante.


Join us in-house and soak up the atmosphere of our stunning restaurant, or take your pizza away and enjoy at home. 

Hands kneeding pizza dough at the Port Cygnet Cannery
Fresh produce, bread, vegetables on a table in the restaurant of Port Cygnet Cannery
A person picking vegetables
Fresh cheese, vegetables, breads and other lunch items.
Wood Fired Pizzas made fresh at the Port Cygnet Cannery.




​Our philosophy is simple. We serve you plates of fresh food that have been picked at their very best and prepared simply to let the produce shine. 

Our intention is to encourage and support prosperity, quality of life and strength of community for the people of the area, with a particular focus on those who seek to make a living from the land. We aim to encourage small farm agriculture and related producers by supporting their people, products and businesses and promote them to the Tasmanian community and to visitors from around the world.


Situated 50 minutes drive south of Hobart in the historic port town of Cygnet,Tasmania, the Port Cygnet Cannery building was formerly an apple canning factory and has now evolved into a hub of food, beverage and agricultural businesses.  Now a fully self-sustainable restaurant, located 10 minutes from our very own Gardners Bay Farm, Port Cygnet Cannery strives to demonstrate how positive small scale, local farming can be. This includes nose to tail butchery and charcuterie from the animals as well as fermentation, pickling and preserving of produce. We make everything in house, even down to our own bread and butter.

We provide a functional model of regenerative food production aimed to encourage people not only to consider where their food comes from, but to inspire them to be part of a movement towards a more sustainable system of food production into the future.

Our menu is fully seasonal, with dishes centred around what is currently available from the farm. When you visit our restaurant, you can be assured the vegetables on your plate have been freshly picked by Phil, Jimmy and Eva at the Farm or carefully preserved by our chefs from the abundant produce of seasons past. 

Farm Lunch at the Cannery. Multiple plates with fresh food.
A plate at Port Cygnet Cannery with fresh radish
The Port Cygnet Cannery Restaurant
The pizzas at port cygnet cannery. Plus more plates of fresh food




Our Farm is 140 acres of mixed pasture and bush in Gardners Bay, Tasmania. It is a developing, multi-species, integrated farm that showcases how efficient and productive a well managed, small scale agricultural system can be. Our extensive market garden and orchard produces from a mere 2.2 acres and our rotationally grazed beef, free range layer chickens and pastured pork provide fresh, seasonal produce to the Port Cygnet Cannery, grazing on around 70 acres of beautiful Tasmanian land. 

Port Cygnet Cannery - Fresh green lettuce picked at Gardners Bay Farm

Our farming decisions are influenced by a wide range of different practices, from permaculture principles to holistic management between the farm and the restaurant. It’s this collaborative relationship that informs all of our farming choices. Most of all we strive to create systems that work in harmony with the natural ecology of Southern Tasmania. Our experienced and devoted farmers come from diverse backgrounds.  


Although not certified organic we pride ourselves on using organic farming practices. 

We offer tours of the farm by appointment and are excited to be offering long table farm lunches on site from late 2022. For information about tours, elopements and events at our farm contact:

Follow Gardners Bay Farm on Instagram.

Farmer Phil from the Port Cygnet Cannery Gardners Bay Farm
Port Cygnet Cannery - Person holding freshly picked carrots at the Gardners Bay Farm



The concept of farm to table is simple and sustainable. 

Our farmers grow and nurture the food.

The produce is washed and loaded into a truck.


It is delivered to the Port Cygnet Cannery and turned into delicious food by our intuitive and creative chefs.


We serve it directly to you.


What you don't eat is returned to the farm, turned into beautiful compost.


Then the cycle begins all over again. 

Port Cygnet Cannery - farm to plate hand drawn image
Port Cygnet Cannery - Fresh Radishes
Port Cygnet Cannery Free Range Chickens at the Gardners Bay Farm


WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY 11:00 - 9:00 

SATURDAY & SUNDAY  11:00 - 5:00