We’re very excited to announce that Gardners Bay Farm in collaboration with Port Cygnet Cannery is hosting a workshop with Chris Ellery from Soil Foodweb Australia!


If you’re interested in increasing soil biology and reducing artificial chemical inputs, sign up for this 5 day workshop! You’ll learn how to build compost, brew fungal dominated compost teas and analyse the soil using a microscope.

The workshop comprises both theory and ‘hands on’ learning through on farm demonstrations and teaches you how to manage and maintain a balanced and healthy soil.


Soil Foodweb is an international soil biology group providing laboratory soil testing and soil biology consultancy services. It was founded by Dr Elaine Ingham, a leading international soil microbiologist. The systems developed by Dr Ingham have been designed to analyse the microbiology present in soil samples and to develop appropriate responses to achieve desired levels and balances of soil microbiology.


Join us at Gardners Bay Farm for this incredible opportunity from the 6th until the 10th of September 2021

The workshop runs daily from 9am until 4.30pm 


Group size of 15 participants 


$ 2200 per person

The purchase of a microscope is recommended, please contact Chris Ellery for more information.



For more information about soil rehabilitation and Chris Ellery’s work please head over to http://soilfoodweb.com.au 


To book your spot please email franca@portcygnetcannery.com by the 23rd of August!

As Chris has to travel to Tasmania to host this workshop, a group size of 15 participants is required. Should that number not be reached, the workshop won’t go ahead and has to be cancelled.