Gardners Bay Farm is 140 acres of mixed pasture and bush in Gardners Bay. It is a developing multi species integrated farm that aims to showcase how efficient and productive well managed, small scale agricultural systems can be. Our plans include an extensive market garden and orchard, rotationally grazed beef, free range layer chickens and pastured pork.

The farm is run by a small group of experienced farmers with varied backgrounds. Our farming decisions are influenced by a wide range of different practices from permaculture principles to holistic management but most of all we strive to create systems that work in harmony with the natural ecology of Southern Tasmania. We are not certified organic but we farm using organic practices. 

Port Cygnet Cannery is our primary customer and sister business. It’s a collaborative relationship that informs all of our farming choices. 

In the future the farm will be open to visitors for tours, workshops and events.

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60 Lymington Rd

Port Cygnet

Tasmania 7112



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